our mission

Our mission is to help children develop the skills they need to perform every day activities, successfully communicate and enjoy mealtimes by providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services, working collaboratively with families, schools, and other professionals to achieve the highest outcome for each client.

The results of working with Cameron and her team are extraordinary. When the twins met her they were barely making small sounds and had just a few words to their vocabulary. My daughter quickly “graduated” and was able to talk to us and keep up with children her age!
— K.B., mother of twins
I can whole heartedly say that Cameron Roberts is by far the BEST speech therapist in San Diego and North County. One of the things that I find extremely rare about Cameron is that she looks at the whole child. She takes the time to get to know the family, and understand all aspects of the child. She also takes the time to help parents/ caretakers understand how to better help their child with speech. Cameron will often times come out and sit with a parent for a few minutes before or after a session and chat about treatment, or about the child as a whole. The best part about Cameron is that she gets kids. She gets them, and loves them. She understands all stages of a child’s development and works with children at their level. Cameron also understand the importance of building trust and rapport with a child, and is very effective in developing a trusting and fun relationship with her clients. You can see on her face the joy she gets from seeing children thrive. Both my boys love coming to play with Cameron. There is nothing better than to hear your two year old say, “Me like this’ when they walk into Cameron’s office.
— Val, mother of two boys


  • Our therapists are highly experienced, engaging and passionate.

  • Our office is bright, colorful and fun!

  • Our OT room is a blast, with a rock climbing wall AND a zip-line.